Friday, October 10, 2008

Web 2.0 tools

So I decided to check out the Upcoming events website. On this site you are able to pick a city or area and search for events going on. There is an easy to use calendar where you pick the date. You can narrow the results by event type. You can also add your own event to the list, and create an account to keep track of events you want to attend. I see this having a dual function in libraries. It gives me a place to start when a customer asks about either a particular event, or when they are looking for something free to do with their families. I have gotten several questions in the past about church festivals, and this is another place to look. I also will show this to customers who are traveling. My mom is always looking for festivals or farmers markets in the places we travel to, and since this is a nationwide site it can be used for a current list of things to do. Bonus=there were tons of Obama events listed for Columbus!

Here are some shoes that probably wouldn't be good to travel in, but are pretty fabulous nonetheless.

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